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We loved and truly enjoyed your Almay house. So beautiful and peaceful. The canoes, pedal boat, games, and walks were awesome. Thank you for sharing!
— The Garcia Girls, April 2019
Awesome and beautiful home. Thank you!
— Ester V., April 2019
Thank you for having us. It was truly amazing.
— Gina J., April 2019
Beautiful weekend with beautiful women and Antonio. The Almay Ranch is a slice of heaven. Truly a wonderful place to stay. Loved all the different activities we were able to enjoy together. Special times and memories were shared this weekend. I will definitely be back with this amazing group of women and plan to bring my family for another vacation.
— Diana G., Garcia Girls Reunion, April 2019
Thank you for having us on this wonderful weekend that I spent with my lovely cousins, aunts, and little nephew. It was a blessing to spend precious time on this beautiful land. Takes my breath away. We will definitely be back. Until next time.
— Christina H., April 2019
Wow!! What a great, memorable time with all these fantastic women! We were able to celebrate our aunts — they’ll remember this forever. Thank you!
— Lucy M. G., Garcia Girls Reunion, Washington, April 2019
Thank you for sharing your beautiful property with us — it was truly a beautiful retreat!
— Rosie B., Garcia Girls Reunion, Newport Beach, April 2019
Thank you! I love this place. Big enough to hold all my girl cousins. I slept comfortably and enjoyed myself!
— Elizabeth T. R., Fresno, CA, April 2019
Had a great time. Thank you!
— Gloria G.S., April 2019
Thank you for this awesome place. We had a wonderful time. Hope we come back soon!
— Helen G.T., Sacramento, CA, April 2019
So thankful to share Easter here with loved ones. Thank you for all your special touches.
— Karen, Noel, and Scott P., Thousand Oaks, CA, April 2019
Had a wonderful time at Almay Ranch!! The girls loved boating on the water, playing badminton and miniature golf. The playroom, golf course, bonfire were all wonderful opportunities to enjoy everyone’s company. The boys had a great time shooting clays (and recuperating from their shoulder injuries!). Thank you to Lora and Marco who are excellent happy that we shared an Easter meal together.

We look forward to another opportunity to be back at Almay Ranch!

Thank you so much!
— The Natives, Haamacks, and Hoovers, Redding, CA, Granite Bay, CA, and Turlock, CA, April 2019
Enjoyed a wondrous yoga retreat at Almay Ranch. The trees, view of the pond, sounds of the birds, rain and creek complimented the beauty of the lodge and the property. Enjoyed the hike to the top and the second lake and gazebo. So many places and hikes to see in the Trinity Alps area too. Such a great venue for fellowship, bonding, laughing and crying. A true oasis for opening the heart and senses. Lora and Marco are great and gracious hosts! Enjoyed hearing about your dreams of sharing this experience with others. Thank you! So much energy with my yogis and blessed to enjoy at Almay Ranch!
— Jan E., Camas, WA, October 2018
I fell in love with this place. I guess we will need to come back to Almay (I will always think of it as Alma! — aka “Soul”). Con mucho amor.
— Ann Marie S., August 2018
Thank you! What a special place. Loved the well-equipped kitchen!
— Eileen, Eureka, CA, July 2018
Almay brings a whole new meaning to “off the grid”! What a beautiful, well-kept wonderland. Thank you.
— Edin, Albany, CA, July 2018
Everyone agrees, we’ll be back!
Thank you for everything.
— Patty and Bob, Redding, CA, July 2018
What an amazing experience at Almay Ranch. Meeting new friends and so many fun things to do.
— Teresa, July 2018
This place is AWESOME — I mean really special. Thanks so much.
— July 2018
50th Wedding Anniversary celebration. An awesome place to celebrate with our family. Your place is amazing — so much to do. Loved the turtles and the golf course. Thank you so much for sharing the Almay Ranch with us.
— Lew and Nancy S., Shasta Lake, CA, Matt, Shay, and Mason S., Surprise, AZ, Cindy, Jordan, and Jacob K., Shasta Lake, CA, Suvannah and Jaylee P., Shasta Lake, CA, Jenna, Tyler, and Elijah K., Cottonwood, CA, July 2018
Wonderful visit — this place has everything! Thanks Marco & Lora. Best Wishes.
— Norbert W., Commandos reunion, Stanford class of 1983, July 2018
Thanks so much. Much appreciate a well-run and well-appointed place. And the turtles.
— Doug M., July 2018
Loved the scenery and the turtles.
— Tino M., Lake Oswego, Oregon, July 2018
Thank you! The house is huge and we enjoyed many things! We had a great time.
— The Doan, Nguyen, Tran, and Han families and friends, July 2018
Thank you so much for sharing your slice of Heaven with us. We loved our stay. You have thought of everything we could ever need. You two were such great hosts, Marco & Lora. We made some great memories here. We will be back...
— McMillan family reunion, July 2018
Thank you for the wonderful hospitality you provided for my 90th birthday celebration at Almay Ranch. It was the most enjoyable week I’ve spent in a long time. There was so much to do for the whole family and we tried to do it all. I think the funky 9-hole golf course is so fantastic on so many different levels. In this crazy world it is a relief to be someplace where there is beauty, solitude, nature and freedom from all the hi-tech stuff that seems to consume our lives. The lodge is so special, and I will never forget the lovely deck with the magnificent view. There was room for everyone to be together in such comfort and camaraderie.

You are both so warm and accommodating, Lora and Marco, that you made out stay that much more memorable.
— Anna J., June 2018
Thank you for sharing this wonderful place with our family. It was such a blessing to be able to bring all of us together to celebrate our matriarch, Mama Anna on her 90th birthday.
— The Jaques, Hall, Wright, and Blackwell families, June 2018
Your place is absolutely amazing! This was an unforgettable trip and definitely the most amazing views I’ll ever see compared to Mississippi!
— Steven and Kerri, June 2018
Thank you for giving us this beautiful place to celebrate our family. What a treat! We made many unforgettable memories here.
— Mike and Aalicea D., June 2018
Thanks for this wonderful place that you shared with us.
— The Carters, June 2018
Thank you for sharing your wonderful place with us. It is indescribable! Awesome! Full of love for nature...relaxing, exhilarating, meditative, pristine, peaceful, natural, prairie-like, earthly, environmentally friendly, private retreat, rustic, organic.

We enjoyed our time with relatives — Mom, siblings, spouses, nieces, nephews, cousins, in-laws, significant others, etc.
— The "Macadaegs," New York, Florida, New Jersey, Philippines, California (Davis, Sacramento, Mountain View), June 2018
A wonderful spot! Will be back!
— Bob B., San Carlos, CA, May 2018
The perfect place to commune with both pristine landscape and old, silly friends and wine.
— Joan G., Healdsburg, CA, May 2018
A lovely place and a lovely time had.
— D.H., Davis, CA, May 2018
Loved our time at this magical property! Too much fun! Thanks!
— Bernadette B., Wine Camp, May 2018
More I cannot wish you
Than a sojourn in the sun
Good friends rejoice
Pristine lake mirrors
Majestic conifers, cedar,
Oak, Maple, dogwood

Here Steller’s jays scold and
Canada geese trumpet
Invitations to community and
Kin, miles away,
A respite for them rests

More I cannot wish you
Than a sojourn in the shade
Stories aplenty, gentle ribbing,
Admonishments, tearful updates,
Joyful news
We revel in our connection,
Loving, long-term, enduring
More I cannot wish you
Than a sojourn in this place
A verdant, California treasure
Trinity Alps
Almay Ranch
Bountiful, beautiful, blissful
Remote, resplendent
It refreshes and replenishes
Naturally magical, the
Melody surrounds in a drenching
Susurration streaming,
Abundant, hydrating

We merry visitors mingle,
We muse —
Individuals, then in chorus
”How can we get back here?
How soon?”
— Rosemary E., May 2018
Wonderful, wonderful. Thank you.
— Tom L., Ukah, CA, May 2018
Thank you for another great trip! The vast amount of things to do here make it so much fun. Coming back a second time was definitely the right choice. Thank you so much!
— Nico R., age 17, Walnut Creek, CA, April 2018
Had the best experience!!! Thank you so much for everything!
— The Ricafrantes Family, Walnut Creek, CA, April 2018
What a fabulous weekend! It’s beyond words and Lora and Marco are the best! So accommodating and wonderful hosts. Loved it! Thank you so much!!!
— Sheri Rowlan, Softball Social Club, Folsom, CA, October 2017
Thank you for sharing your ranch with us. It was very relaxing, fun and lots to do. Couldn’t fit it all in, so we will be back. Thank you for your hospitality.
— Cheryl, Softball Social Club, Folsom, CA, October 2017
Your ranch is a blessing! Thanks so much for sharing this most beautiful property and your dogs!
— Kathy V., Softball Social Club, Folsom, CA, October 2017
Had a wonderful time!
— Kim, Softball Social Club, Folsom, CA, October 2017
What an absolutely relaxing and beautiful time. We ate and drank all we could then walked it off around the gorgeous property. I will be talking about this trip for a long time.
— Becky, Softball Social Club, Folsom, CA, October 2017
Great time. Such comfortable beds. What a beautiful place. Enjoyed every minute. Thanks so much.
— Nancy, Softball Social Club, Folsom, CA, October 2017
Great time!! Wonderful home, wonderful nature, wonderful grounds.
— Jayne, Softball Social Club, Folsom, CA, October 2017
My kind of place! I loved it here, spreading the word!
— Kathy L., Softball Social Club, Folsom, CA, October 2017
What a beautiful place!!! Some or all of us enjoyed everything! Hiking (even the lone one!), swimming, fishing, boating, pool, ping pong, campfires (w/smores), your marvelously-stocked kitchen, and comfy beds. 3 of our group crossed paths with a large black bear (near hole #9) — one ran afoul of a good-sized rattlesnake, and many of us enjoyed the deer, coons, great blue heron, bald eagle (came down and grabbed a fish!), turtles, garter snakes (feeding on the minnows). Four of us played the challenging golf course — left you many balls in the ponds, only the 2 oldest of us finished the course — younger generations didn’t have a chance!

All told there were 14 of us — ranging in age from 2 years old to 80 years old (me)! We hail from Paul & Twin Falls, Idaho; Redding, CA; Santa Barbara, CA; Placerville, CA; and Kelseyville, CA.

Thanks a heap for providing this place to relax, get close to nature and even share it with a benign “shadow” (seen by 4 of us). We called him “Al”.

God bless you all!

P.S. - The 2 days of thunderstorms were added bonus! A real treat!!!!
— Claude, Joy, and family, August 2017
Wonderful place! Lots to do — awesome deck.
— White Horse Women, Fall River Valley, McArthur, Yreka, Marepville, Reno, Castella, Oroville, Pittville, Christmas Valley, Redding, Cassel, July 2017
Four spectacular days spent with family, friends and significant others here at Almay Ranch. We loved the challenging golf course, game rooms, ponds, hiking trails and of course your lovely home. Thank you for the memories.
— The Immel Family, Boulder Creek, CA, July 2017
Loved the golf course, and thought the mini golf was adorable. Canoeing was great, thanks for providing everything to really enjoy the lake. Love the peace and quiet and watching the reflection of stars on the water. Great house, thanks!
— Taylor, July 2017
I had an amazing first trip. I’m hoping to come back soon!
— Jordan, age 8, July 2017
Another spectacular vacation here at Almay. See you next time! (Do we have to leave?)
— Ken and Peg B., Santa Rosa, July 2017
This was our 3rd trip with the family. We love this piece of paradise!
— The MacCullough, Erspamer, and Arndt families, July 2017
What an amazing place! We are so lucky to have spent 5 days here! So relaxing, so special. Thank you Lora and Marco for the wonderful visit!
— Nisa and Dirk L., Sunnyvale CA, June 2017
Thanks for letting us spend time here. It was a lot of fun!
— Aidan, age 12, June 2017
One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.
— James, age 17, June 2017
Thanks for having us. It was tons of fun!
— Bryce, age 19, June 2017
We absolutely loved being here with our children, spouses and grandchildren!
— Jim & Guila P., Portola Valley, CA, June 2017
Thanks so, so much for letting us stay here! I had a wonderful time! Thanks again.
— Paige, age 10, June 2017
Wow! This place is amazing! Family fun. Plenty to do and never ending entertainment. I will be back with my friend family and blood family.
— Carol, June 2017
Almay Ranch — Where good friends become “family.” What a great environment to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. Love the hiking trails and raging river.
— Arvin and Connie, June 2017
Beautiful cabin, surroundings, has everything. Love it. Hope to come back.
— Sue, June 2017
What could be better — good friends, good times, and this piece of Heaven! Almay Ranch will be in our hearts forever. Thanks for the memories!
— Terry and Larry, June 2017
We had a beautiful weekend! This place is truly magical! Thank you Marco and Lora for welcoming us. We hope to come back every year.
— Derek, Jess & Family, May 2017
We all think the Almay Ranch is a wonderful and awesome place for families to get to know each other again. Great that there is no Internet, texting, computers, and political news! No bad news for at least a few days from the TV, etc. There is so much to do — paddle boating, canoeing, kayaking, exploring, baseball, badminton, board games, sitting by the fire pit, etc. Cooking together, laughing, and making new games up with lots of memories to share. Also, nice to renew bonding with each other! The big house was so comfortable and homey! We would like to come again in the summer with more of our family members that couldn’t make it here this time.

Thank you, Lora, for making our stay so easy for us! You are so helpful and kind!
— Pam & Jahan, Jolynn and Amir and Leyla & Kaveh -- and our mascot "Bella", our cocker spaniel, April 2017
This was our first adventure here, to be followed by many more no doubt. Our stay here was even better than we could have imagined. Thank you so much for your generosity, we look forward to seeing you again next year.

If we only had one word to describe our stay — ‘magical,’ ‘adventurous,’ ‘joyful.’
— The Bradleys, October 2016
Another great Labor Day here at Almay Ranch! 4th year in a row and this place keeps getting better. Six families this year and we had plenty of room. We had two soccer games; kids vs. adults and a randomly picked game. Obviously the adults cheated even though they weren’t very good. We had a race in the lake, an amazing race where two teams flipped their canoes, a whiffle ball game, horseshoes, golf, mini golf and two campfires. Overall, it was a pretty great trip.
— Alex Z., with the K. and H. families, Walnut Creek CA and Sterling, MA, September 2016
The Dills family trip was a huge success! Thanks again! We love it here!
— The Dills Family, August 2016
— Don L., The Philippines, July 2016
Awesome!! Great family “getaway” in summer! A total communion with Mother Nature and an appreciation of God’s creation.

A perfect place to recommend to friends. We will treasure the memory.
— Jovie and Edgar, July 2016
Almay Ranch is a great place. Thank you for everything. We love Almay Ranch!
— Sebastian, age 6, July 2016
Majestic! You made my 60th birthday very special. I always love nature so when I saw your “picture perfect” spot in a magazine, it was my dream to spend my “special birthday” away from my stressful hospital job!

R & R with my family, and your idea of no cell phones and electronic stuff was great! Good family bonding.

Love it and thanks for your hospitality!
— Juliet and Flor, July 2016
Love, love, love Almay Ranch and Lora and Marco rock!

Our first big vacation with all of our California kids, grand kids and great-grand kids. We felt safe with 5 kids under 5!!

Our grandson had a high fever suddenly. The locals all stepped up to help us at 10:00 pm. What an adventure!

Thank you Al for this wonderful place with glorious living waters. Blessed be!
— The M. Family, July 2016
We are a farming family that enjoys working together, enjoys playing together and sincerely enjoys each others’ company. Papa and Nana are celebrating 47 years together with all three adult children and spouses and ten grandchildren, ages 13 years down to 1 1/2 years.

As we arrived and ventured through the home to the deck overlooking the grand lake, we instantly knew that in the selection process of this beautiful place, Nana had set a new standard, a very high bar that had never before been met and will likely never be equated. The children were on the water in the canoes within minutes of arrival and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every recreational activity offered. Always laughing, totally exhausted, never bored — what more could parents and grandparents ask for!!

And for the hardworking adults — absolute peace and tranquility, total relaxation on quiet trails, gently rumbling streams and creeks, and a mirror image lake to reflect stunning natural beauty and life’s blessings. No business, no cell phones, no internet! Our Sunday morning “service” from Genesis 1 affirmed our Lord’s creativity, joy, love, mercy and grace in all that he has provided for us here on Earth. What a magnificent example we have here at Almay Ranch.

A very special “thank you” to Marco and Lora whose care and provision of this wonderful place is in evidence everywhere. The home fabulously stocked and well cared for, S’more Smiles gift basket for the campfire — totally awesome!

We leave with hearts full of gratitude and heads full of wonderful memories.
— The H. and E. Families, June 2016
We have been looking forward to this family vacation ever since we first spoke with Lora last year and made our reservation. Our expectations were high, yet all have been met or exceeded once we actually arrived. Our whole family agrees that Almay Ranch is a very special place. We loved everything about it, from the rain on the roof, the mist rising from the hills, the reflections on the lake, the sound of the creek, the clear blue skies, the full moon rising over the campfire, the endless multitude of activities to choose from, and most memorable, the joy and laughter of our kids and grandkids enjoying themselves (that’s what makes us grandparents especially happy!).

Lora and Marco have been such great hosts and have anticipated our every need before we even knew we had them.

Getting our large family (5 kids & spouses and 5 grandkids) is never an easy task, but if we can, we’d all vote to return.
— The D. and H. Families, June 2016
What a delightful, quiet and magical place Almay Ranch is. Our party of 11 totally enjoyed and appreciated the comforts of the home, decks and grounds.

We spent many hours relaxing on the deck overlooking the lake. We hiked, golfed, played croquet, mini-golf, paddle boat, rode our bikes, and fished.

On our explorations we saw huge jack rabbits, lizards, and a colorful snake. The chorus of birds provided background music, as did the many streams.

One afternoon we had lunch and snacks at the gazebo while watching beautiful blue and red dragonflies flitting around.

Thank you for sharing Almay Ranch!
— The T., M., V., Y., B., and B. Families, from Campbell, San Jose, and South San Francisco, CA, June 2016
What a great place for a family get together. We loved every part of the ranch and hope to come back soon — but definitely need to take canoe or kayak lessons first! Thanks for everything.
— The M. and P. Families, June 2016
We’ve had a beautiful Valentine’s Day Holiday. 10 of us. Gorgeous scenery — many hikes for the young ones. The house is superb! Everything one could want.
— The E. Clan, February 2016
The Waterlilies celebrated their annual “get-away” in grand style: golf, boating, a rubber-ducky race, badminton, stars, hikes and woodsy walks, meals on the deck, bonfire, barbecue — we didn’t get to all the amenities (we tried!), but we all had such fun in this very comfortable and nicely-equipped ‘home away from home.’
— The Waterlilies from Chico, Burney, and Garden Valley, CA, October 2015
We can’t imagine a better way to celebrate our 60th!! What you have here and are caring for so spectacularly went far beyond our already very high expectations. Almay Ranch kept three generations enthralled for a magnificent family reunion!
— Ann and Winslow, Septemeber 2015
What a marvelous place! Our parents are celebrating their 60th anniversary and sharing this wonderful event with three daughters, three husbands, three children, and four blissfully happy dogs. All of us enjoyed the huge variety of activities you provide. The resort is so beautiful, and so private that it feels like there’s no one else around for miles. It truly is a retreat. You’ve thought of everything! Thank you for everything, and we’ll see what our calendars look like for next fall.
— Tom and Caroline, September 2015
Thank you for providing such a wonderful oasis which we all immensely enjoyed in celebration of Winslow and Ann’s 60th wedding anniversary. It really was perfect and we are particularly impressed with your conservation minded approach to caring for the land. We wish you many, many more years of success!
— Gavin and Marion, Grace and Oliver, September 2015
This place is so much fun! Me and some of my dad’s friends come up here every year. We had races in the pond, played some golf, mini golf, horseshoes, parents vs. kids in soccer, and explored everywhere. This year we had some new people join us up here. I wish I never had to leave. Thank you so much!
— Kathleen K., and family, September 2015
Our second time here with the family! We love it here and enjoy the “together” time with each other.
— Carolyn A. and family, Pleasant Hill, CA, August 2015
The MacC. family trip this year was a repeat from when we were here this time 2 years ago! 2013! We are having a blast!!
— Rebekah A., August 2015
This place is magical! Our three grandsons had a blast (ages 5 1/2, 5, & 2 1/2). We are already planning a trip back next year! Loved it!
— Melissa & Bob D. and family, August 2015
Arrived to lots of smoke from fires to the east but still great views and accommodations. After a couple of days, smoke cleared and the hiking was great. A couple of days of clear and the smoke was back. No biggie. Played 2-3 rounds of golf every day. Course record was 31. Not many birds, but did catch frogs, lizards, snakes, grasshoppers, and fish. Saw one bear. House was great size for whole family and the kitchen was well stocked! Thanks for a great time!
— The B. Family, August 2015
Thank you very much for having our family. We had a blast! Loved the view.
— Cherrone N., Arizona, July 2015
Thank you so much for a most enjoyable retreat from our hectic week. My siblings (5 of us) and our families were here celebrating a gift from our Dad who passed 4 years ago. He wanted all his kids to have a time together we would remember. We certainly have done that here!!! The lake was soothing. Canoes and paddle boat exhilarating. Hiking and river rafting awesome. Such a fun time!
— Nancy and her siblings and their families, Portland, OR, Damascus, OR, Mesa, AZ, Snohomish, WA, Kirkland, WA, Seattle, WA, Huntington Beach, CA, Long Beach, CA, July 2015
Thank you so much for going out of your way to accommodate our large family gathering. We were looking for someplace special to share a 60th anniversary, a 35th anniversary, and an annual family trip. The annual trip started when the “kids” were toddlers, and the ages now range from 32 to 15, with two toddlers from the next generation! As life continues to get busier and busier, this trip becomes more and more difficult to plan, and we cherish each year we are successful in getting everyone together. This year will be a favorite memory for all 23 of us, ranging from 1 1/2 years to 77 years. We enjoyed campfires, wonderful food, golf, hikes, boating, games, fishing, sight-seeing, photography, and maybe a cocktail or two! There was definitely something for everyone. The house is not only functional and comfortable, but incredibly well stocked. If you needed it, we found it sooner or later!Now, about the property... This is one of the most beautiful spots we have ever ever visited — the countless ponds, the peaceful trails, the tranquil gazebo, the sound of the water — leaves you feeling like the rest of the world is far away. Our only piece of advice for future visitors: Don’t take your golf game seriously!! :) Thanks again for an unforgettable family gathering.
— Carroll and Nancy and their extended family, Durham, Willows, Chico, San Diego, Elk Grove, and Sacramento, CA, July 2015
Wow! What a wonderful place. Couldn’t ask for better accommodations and scenery — lovely lakes — river — swimming — fishing — fire pit. Wonderful working with Marco and Lora. Our family vacation was a very big success — there were 13 of us from 4 weeks to 77 years young — we all loved our stay. Thanks to all who made this a great time with many memories.
— Gobel, Freedman, Ardelean & Bray, Ferguson, CA, July 2015
Thank you, thank you for sharing this beautiful spot with our family—a beautiful setting, so much to do, so little time! The lakes afforded so much fun for the children and grownups with rafts, paddle boat, and canoes, as well as just swimming. Enjoyed both upper and the lower lake and the ponds in between. Walking trails, golfing, the fire pit and having s’mores, sitting on the deck, playing games, cards — truly the good life. The house (when we were in it) :) was so comfortable and well stocked. We wanted for nothing. Marco and Lora were gracious hosts and a delight to meet. Thank you again for making our family vacation for 18 of us so very memorable.
— Pat and Gene, San Rafael, CA, June 2015
This place was amazing! My family came here for a family reunion. I had so much fun. The lakes were beautiful and the trails were very cool.
— Molly, age 13, San Rafael, CA, June 2015
Beautiful setting, everything we needed to have a great time! We made some wonderful memories.
— The B., L., and M. Families, Browns Valley, CA, June 2015
The B.R. tribe (Rudy, Carol, Wally, Katie, Wyatt, Ace, Katie, Pat, Brian, Celeste, Charlie & almost Nicholas) had a fantastic time here at Almay Ranch. From the fire pit to the Internet bench, the creek to “Marco’s Pond” and the house to the hills were perfect for our big and growing family. We had everything we needed - and more! Thank you, Lora and Marco, for being such great hosts. We’ll be back!!!
— The B. R. Family, June 2015
Marco & Lora, Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. This home is wonderful. Full of life and wonder. Thank you — we feel the love.
— Betty & Tony, San Fransisco, CA, May 2015
I had an amazing time! I can’t count how many times I went on the paddle boat and played ping pong! After the wedding, I made new friends and now have more cousins than I can count! Love you and thank you sooooo much!
— Sofia, age 11, East Canada, May 2015
My wife and I have been up to the Trinity area a few times and love the surrounding. Of all of the places we visited, Almay Ranch topped the list as far as all the things you’re concerned with in the mountains. Beautiful scenery, amazing accommodations and plenty of room to roam around. We decided to have our wedding at the ranch, and it was a huge success. After the initial complaints of no wifi, all of our guest began exploring the ranch’s huge surrounding area coming back with tales of how nice the place was and how much fun the kids were having on the small lake and playing ping pong. It seems no one minded the disconnect me and my wife have come to love, everyone loved the place and immediately felt like home making dinner in the well furnished kitchen. The wedding and reception felt like completely separate events for being at the same location, that is the intrigue of Almay, the gazebo area the big house, the barn house as well as the many hiking trails all felt like unique locations my entire family could and did enjoy. The few days my entire family was at the ranch breezed by, and all we could talk about was when we were coming back. The property manager Marco is the huge reason we felt comfortable at the ranch, any problem you had Marco could handle it, going above and beyond understates the help we received and that’s saying nothing to the pleasure of him and his wife’s company; they are truly wonderful people. They really take care of you as their own family! We recommend this location to anyone!! Thank you for a wonderful experience! Can’t wait to come back!
— Sonly and Jovan, Oakland, CA, May 2015
This amazing place was the perfect setting for our family. The memories made here will last for many generations. Thank you to Marco and Lora for attending to every detail! We look forward to our next family visit soon.
— October 2014
What a jewel is Almay Ranch! We all had an amazing time with all our family. This was the prefect place to celebrate our 50th Anniversary. Our ages ranged from 20 months to 79 and there was something for everyone to do. Such fun! Miniature golf was a blast! The boats were in constant use. Almay Ranch has been the best equipped vacation retreat we have ever experienced. Fantastic! It was an amazing time for all. We can’t thank you enough, Marco and Lora, for everything! Until the next visit!
— Tom and Patty W., El Dorado Hills, CA, August 2014
Lora & Marco - From our first made us feel so welcome and were so helpful. Lora - thanks to you we brought everything we needed and your tips were right on target. Marco - your skills as a tour guide are remarkable - you were so much fun. From France, Hawaii & California we came together for one of our best family vacations ever! We will be back with more family next time. You became friends and we expect to see you in Eureka and Hawaii - you have a standing invitation. Mahalo Nui Loa. Mary Ann, Stephen, Shane, Jordan, Zach, Alexa, Ryan, Monica, Dylan and “baby” due in Nov. 2014
— Mary Ann, Stephen, Shane, Jordan, Zach, Alexa, Ryan, Monica, Dylan and "baby" due in Nov. 2014, July 2014
Where to begin....? Our family get away, uniting family members from Hawaii, California and France, was perfect in every way at Almay Ranch! Marco and Lora - you made us feel welcome from the first moment and we enjoyed getting to know you. This property is amazing — something for everyone, and we did it all! Hiking, canoeing, paddle-boating, fishing, golfing, mini-golfing, badminton, lounging on the porch, board games, fire pit, picnic in the gazebo, and of course...roasting a pig, Hawaiian style (not to mention late night dance party!). We loved every moment of our stay and can’t wait to come back!! Mahalo! Un grand merci! Thank you!
— Shellee, Reno & Hunter , Redding, CA, Monica, Ryan & Dylan, Eureka, CA, Sheila, Santa Rosa, CA, Amber, San Francisco, CA, Mahalo! from Shane,Big Island, HI, Leanne, Christopher, Alissia & Lucas, Brittany, France, Steve, Big Island, HI, Alexa & Zach, Honolulu, HI, July 2014
What an amazing vacation! - going fishing - swimming in the lake - playing ping pong - campfires - soccer - canoeing Thank you for a great vacation Nana and Papa!
— Ava C., July 2014
A majestic location for our family reunion! We had such joy playing volleyball, badminton, bocce ball, mini golf, big golf (and donating a few balls to the ponds), canoe races, early-morning paddles around the lake, fishing, and roasting marshmallows around the campfire. Thank you Marco, Lora, and the owners for sharing this beautiful place with us!
— The B. Family, June 2014
This 2-day stay was to celebrate my 70th birthday. Having my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and friends with me at this beautiful, private retreat was truly special! We’ve been to all parts of the world but this experience was very special! It is something we’ll all remember. Thanks to Lora and Marco for all their help to make this memorable! Today is also Father’s Day so our dads also felt very special! Aloha!
— The Ramos Clan, June 2014
Lora & Marco, Almay Ranch was the perfect setting for our 20th wedding anniversary. Thank you for making our stay a memorable one. We hate to leave this beautiful place, but there’s no doubt we will all be back!! Best regards!
— The K. bunch, September 2013
Thank you so much for letting us stay here. There are about 12 people here and it is not crowded. I am really excited for the rest of the weekend. The views are great and I can’t wait to go mini-golfing.
— Alexandra S., age 10, August 2013
Our family takes an annual trip, and this is the best place we have visited so far! Amazing scenery and views. The view of the lake from the deck is incredible and soothes the soul. Loved the peace and quiet and being literally disconnected from the outside world. We talked and played games and the time flew by. We also loved the turtles! Hope we will be back! Thank you!
— The M., E. & A. Families, August 2013
This is the most restful and beautiful place we have ever stayed. It has to be the cleanest place we’ve ever stayed! We will tell everyone how peaceful and quiet it is. Almay is the best place to get away from the everyday hustle of life. Thank you for everything!
— The C., A., K., I., and M. Families, August 2013
This is our fourth visit to Almay and it gets better every time. Thank you for a wonderful setting, beautiful house and the perfect place for us all to gather! We will see you next year!
— K&K Design Group, August 2013
Magical. Thank you! A perfect place to hang out. Thank you for setting this up and making it possible. Thank you from all parts of the world – Sweden, Switzerland, U.K., India, California, Ireland, the Philippines, and Australia.
— Uma, Mathias, Claire, James, Tara, Liam, Dan, Regi, Laura, Kaye, Mike, Peter, Tyler, Annie and Roo, July 2013
This may well have been one of our best family vacations ever with everything to do, right here in one place. The setting amidst the mountains and trees and lakes is absolutely beautiful and something we enjoyed each day. Our group of 22 from 15months to 89 years old enjoyed every minute. We come from Chicago, San Jose, Roseville and Anderson, CA. Eleven grandchildren are going home with some unforgettable memories. If only we could take the sound of the creek home with us! Thank you Marco and Lora for all your assistance during our time here. We had a wonderful time.
— The W. Clan, July 2013
We wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the awesome week for our big family of over 20! We had such a fantastic time swimming, canoeing, riding our quads, and shooting guns! We loved our time playing croquet, Frisbee, golf and so much more. We made so many family memories! We appreciate your hospitality and kindness. We are so glad we came to visit Almay Ranch and spend this time as a family in the beautiful outdoors! Much love!
— The W. family, Sacramento, CA, July 2013
This was a perfect place for our large family gathering (from Washington, Oregon, California and even Chicago). Oma and Opa had a great time watching their kids in the lakes, roasting marshmallows, and generally having a great time. So much so, they booked time for all of us to come back in July 2014 – yeah! Thanks Almay Ranch, Lora and Marco for everything. You are great! (Our family ranges in ages 23 1/2 months to 88 years!!)
— Barbara, July 2013
This place is incredible! Every amenity/need in the house was thought of and attended to. And the amount of work on the roads, golf course, ponds, was much appreciated. The rockwork alone in this place must have kept an army busy for years. How peaceful are the mornings here with the glassy smooth lake reflecting the trees. How melodic is the creek babbling all night long?! Activities?? Name it – they’ve got it. The mitts, the rackets, the net, pee wee golf. And the fire pit with chairs and wood was wonderful. We’ve only been here two days and I’m thinking we’re staying for good – moving in – sorry future guests, we’re here to stay.
— Jude, July 2013
This was the C. family vacation. Had the best time!
— Paul & Suzanne C., Rodeo, CA, July 2013
Beautiful view and beautiful house! I had so much fun and really enjoyed my time here.
— Haleus E., Placerville, CA, July 2013
Thank you so much for letting people stay in this amazing place! It is absolutely gorgeous!
— Lauren N., Rodeo, CA, July 2013
Well, Almay Ranch captured our hearts once again! We had a marvelous time hiking, exploring, fishing, playing, golfing – the list seems to be endless. But one of my personal favorites, getting up before everyone, sitting on the deck and looking at the beautiful scene before me. Almay is certainly one of our Heavenly Father’s beautiful creations. We have enjoyed the magnificent trees, beautiful water, streams, lakes, ponds and waterfalls. We are so blessed to be able to spend time here as a family of three generations. It is a precious memory!
— The L. Family, Orangevale, CA, Mather, CA and Willows, CA, June 2013
It was a perfect place to celebrate our 60th anniversary with our 4 children and their spouses. We had a wonderful time. Marco and Lora took good care of us – the best! The weather could not have been better!
— The K. Family, Las Vegas, NV, Denver, CO, Idaho Falls, ID, and Venice CA, October 2012
Lora & Marco, Thank you for providing such a nice place and warm environment for our retreat. We had a fantastic stay. The grounds of the ranch are perfect for a relaxing weekend. We took some hikes and made a great campfire. We hope to return again in the future for another great stay at Almay Ranch.
— Marissa R., San Jose, April 2013
We fell in love with Almay Ranch when we checked it out last fall. We love it even more after spending more time here. A beautiful, wonderful place.
— Cathy & Linda, Sacramento, September 2012
Thank you for the wonderful home and setting that is this ranch. Everything is clean, neat and organized. We enjoyed the fire pit, horseshoes yesterday and hiking everyday.
— Sharon & Marie, Lincoln, CA, September 2012
Many thanks to Marco and Lora for the terrific accommodations! We had 10 family members – 3 generations – and had lots of laughs and fun playing 9 holes of golf, miniature golf, croquet, fishing, hiking, dominoes, reading, etc. This is a beautiful setting – so picturesque waking up to this lovely view! PS-Also enjoyed wine tasting at Alpen Cellers, Keith G. shared lots of history of the area, as well.
— The Van A. family from San Carlos, Carmel, Santa Rosa, and Redwood City, September 2012
We all had a great time. All of us would hog the canoes and paddle boat. We all played great games of ping pong. A couple of us had birthdays here and had a blast! We had great meals and fun games. I loved biking on some of the trails. Driving our big truck on that tiny bridge over the creek was a bit scary. Still, the R., B., G., H., D., and B. families had the time of our lives!
— Nico, Walnut Creek, CA, age 11, August 2012
Best birthday ever!!! Good times, great place.
— Dee, Las Vegas, NV, August 2012
I had an amazing time here at Almay Ranch. Miniature golf, swimming, canoeing, and kayaking were only some of the fun things we did. We saw a rattlesnake at the mini golf holes 4 and 5, so we skipped it. I would’ve rather come here than just stay at home and do nothing. I am sure we all had a great time and I can’t wait until next time. Thanks!
— Skyler D., age 10, August 2012
The best of family times in the best of accommodations, with lots of Coffee Creek and Almay adventures from 11 months to 87. We all enjoyed the hospitality of our hosts.
— R.T., August 2012
Had a great time! What a beautiful place. Can’t wait to come back.
— Tom D., August 2012
Wonderful place! A special thanks to Ana for taking care of the kids while we went rafting. Enjoyed exploring all the special places on the ranch. As Mary B. would say, this is ‘Heaven’.
— Elly, August 2012
We had a great time swimming, canoeing, rafting, kayaking, fishing, hiking, golfing and enjoying family. Kids had lots of fun exploring, playing, and enjoying time with cousins young and old. Good times, good food, good drinks!
— D. Family gathering and reunion, August 2012
A great escape from a wet Seattle winter (yeah, it’s still raining up there). It’s been a wonderful week here at Almay Ranch! Heads up to future golfers…there’s a black four-legged phantom who may snatch your ball from the green at the first hole. 8-month-old Oso took off with the ball I put on the green in 2 strokes. Not sure how to score that one but what a good laugh!! Max buddy – you’ll be feeling better soon but oh how we’ll miss you.
— Elizabeth B., July 2012
My name is Kate F. I have a little brother, Sam, and with our mom and dad, we came here to hang out with the L. family. There is Shilo, Jenny, Terrisa, and Terrisa’s dog, Zero. More of their family came too. We slept downstairs in the room with the bunk bed. Sam and I swam in the lake right outside. It’s cold, but it was real fun. Our parents were the bartenders. Every night we had a special dinner. 1st Hawaiian, 2nd Mexican, 3rd American, 4th Spanish, and tonight we’re having Italian food! And for dessert, there is ice cream! This week I went canoeing, swimming (today I waded in the lake by the gazebo with my bathing suit on and fell in!), pedal boating, hiking, miniature golfing, and at about 10:30 tonight, Mom, Dad, Sam and I are going to go star gazing! We got here on July 15th, and tomorrow morning we leave. Whoever is reading this, as soon as you get home, tell everyone to come here because this past week I will remember my entire life! Come to Almay Ranch again!
— Katie F., July 2012
Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined all of the peace and beauty of this magnificent place. The joy and happiness of shared family memories and, for me, the love that comes from a mended relationship. All came together to make the greatest, happiest vacation of all time!!
— Pat N., July 2012
Love the ponds, peaceful canoeing, fun mini-golf, hikes, etc.
— Katie N., July 2012
Great time! You’re the best and so is this place! Thank you!
— William B. Family Reunion and Pat N. Birthday Celebration, July 2012
We loved this place! Great accommodations – great staff – good equipment, great kitchen. We’ll be back! 6 families and plenty of room.
— B. Family, Lincoln and Newcastle, CA, June 2012
The Feather River Pinochle Club had a fabulous time at the Almay Ranch. Fourteen of us ate, drank, and played games including golf, miniature golf, pinochle and Frisbee! At night we enjoyed the reflecting lake and the stars twinkling off the water. We all hope to be returning guests sometime soon!
— Feather River Pinochle Club, June 2012
The B., L. & M. Family Reunion — Fabulous place – especially for a family to get together! Lots to do and we tried to do it all. The canoes and pedal boat were in use constantly. T here were 24 of us and we were quite comfortable. Everyone agreed the drive was well worth it. Hope to do this again!
— Ginger, Dave and Family, June 2012
We can’t thank you enough for a fabulous family retreat! The grandparents, great grandfather, kids all enjoyed all of the activities as well as the serenity of this beautiful ranch. We went hiking, canoeing, golfing; we played miniature golf, badminton and went for bike rides. We hung out and played games, read books and played ping pong. This week went by too fast! It is so refreshing to be disconnected and unplugged – truly enjoyable week and highly recommended. We are also grateful to Alpa, our organizer of 12, we cannot thank her enough for all the food that she brought for all of us. Thanks again!
— The S. Family & The B. Family, June 2012
Almay – What can we say? Hiked to the top of the hill and no drink were spilled. At first there was rain so we played indoor games then out came the sun and we continued the fun. We golfed, we hiked and paddled the lake until we saw the 30 foot snake. To the bonfire we went until we were spent! Then back to the house to re-live the events!
Thank you so much. This place has the touch!
Love from the girls.
— Jenny, Thelma Lou, Kathy, Sue, Helene, Patty, Janice, & Kathy Mc, October 2011
Had an awesome time. The Almay family was great. Wish we still had more time. Twenty-four hours in a day isn’t long enough when you’re here. We hope to come back real soon.
— Krissy & Neng, October 2011
Thank you for the warm welcome that we received when arriving at the ranch. I was taken aback by the beauty of the property already as the crew and I made our way across the bridge; however, I did not know that it would be even more spectacular when we reached our actual destination – my dream home!
Again, thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience my dream home/property filled with all the amenities inside and out such as the fully stocked vacation home and running waterfalls. I’m a sucker for waterfalls!
There’s too much to experience in two and a half days, so for sure we will definitely return to this “Home away from home.” You were great with fulfilling all our needs!
— The H. Family (We are Hmong!), Sacramento, CA, October 2011
What a peaceful place to celebrate our 60th Birthdays. Five of us turned sixty this year and are high school friends – some being friends since kindergarten. We brought our significant others and all managed to have a great time. There were thirteen total and room for all. Very comfortable. We loved the golf course, had a laughable game of softball, a rousing game of horseshoes, and energetic games of badminton and plenty of drink to soothe our aches and pains. Our stay wasn’t long enough to do everything. The service was excellent. Marco and Lora are great, personable hosts. I am sure we’ll return.
— Kelly, Frank, Cathy, Marcia, King, John, Karen, Keith, Brian, Marie, Brad, Barbara, Ed, September 2011
I think I may write a short story called “Canoeing at Almay.” The first chapter will be “Your First Step.” I fell in the water. The second chapter will be “Have Your Friend (John) Help You In The Canoe.” I fell in the water a second time. Way too much fun and laughter!
— Ralph & Nancy, Eureka, CA, September 2011
What more can we say! Marco and Lora were fabulous. Very accommodating.
— Rob & Kit B., Eureka, CA, September 2011
A slice of heaven with our friends! Truly a wonderful place to relax to friends! Truly a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the beauty of our world. The best accommodations and comfort!
— John & Sue D., Eureka, CA, September 2011
S. Family – 50 year wedding anniversary celebration.
Married in 1961 – 3 kids, 7 grandkids all here for a nice family getaway.
Started with a short fishing jaunt, Aunt Jen and Uncle Mike attempting a romantic stroll in the paddle boat – ending not so romantic with Jen’s swim in the lake. C old, funny and quite a bit scratched up. Good thing for red wine!
The golf was a fun challenge for all, even mini golf and the grandkids vs. grandparents made it so fun. Had a fabulous roaring fire at the pit, volleyball and badminton, hikes, swimming, etc. The entertainment was endless. High school boys even made their own darts – shot Uncle Scott in the knee! Oops. 10-year-old Sarah couldn’t get enough of the paddle boat – even by herself. Love the turtles, snakes; what an experience taking 15 c ity slickers from the Bay Area and setting them in true country. So great to be without all the phones, TV, work!! The kids adapted perfectly which was so pleasant to see. 7 cousins got along great and built fabulous memories together. We even took a family picture at the gazebo. Too many people and too many opinions but we got one anyway just to keep Dori at ease.
This beat Cabo, Hawaii. Etc.— all the joys that nature brings. We could do this again in a heartbeat!
What a great family get away – thank you for opening your home to us!
— Dick & Doreen S. and Family, August 2011
The 2nd year at Almay Ranch and number 10 in the L-G. reunion series! A smaller crew, but the memories will be as big as ever—marked by rest and relation as much as active recreation. Good food, lots of afternoon naps, never-ending games of “10,000” and fun rounds of golf… all in a perfect mountain setting.
We’ll all carry out memories and stories back to Alturas, Fortuna, Redding, Weaverville, Temecula, and Petaluma — … and looking forward to next year’s gathering, whever it may be.
Thanks again to Lora & Marco!
— The G., L., M., S., B., and B. Families, August 2011
Year two for the A., D. and S. clan! We were short two members from last year—L., who was working in Sacramento; and B., a newly minted PFC, stationed at Ft. Drum, N.Y. We remembered them with stories from last year’s fun.
We had wonderful meals; breakfasts by the D’s, Dinners by the S’s and dished by the teens!
The big boys played lots of golf but lost the 2011 Almay Open to the L. boys. There’s always next year guys! Others played golf as well, with the “little girls” even parring a hole!
Mini golf was fun but challenging and many enjoyed horseshoes, badminton and even cricket! The canoes were put to good use as well as the pedal boat. Many of the group simply relaxed on the deck reading, napping, talking or playing cards and Yahtzee. The water was cold but invigorating after a long golf game or a nap. This year we tried all the swimming holes, and liked the gazebo area for its easy access and freedom from water weeds.
Hope to return again!
— The D. Family, July 2011
What a wonderful place! Family and friends had a wonderful time. Not much one can say about a place where fantasy comes alive in the form of the Hobbit. Marco and Lora, you are very caring people and great hosts. Thank you for all your assistance. I will miss Max and Elsa…Great dogs. Don’t want to see them at midnight under a full moon, however… Love Almay Ranch!
— Brian A. & Family, July 2011
Thank you for your sweet hospitality. These past 2 days at Almay Ranch went by so quickly! Each of us enjoyed, embraced life & nature. The memories that will always resonate in our hearts created another cherished moment that brings a smile. Your ranch is absolutely a blessing! The quality of family time, watching our teenagers and young children enjoy life without cell phones and texting but watching them enjoy and hearing them laugh on the canoes and paddleboat, sitting around the campfire and hearing their imaginations run wild is such a sweet pleasure. As adults we enjoyed great company and meeting new friends. The laughter and joy in our hearts that Almay Ranch created will never be forgotten! May this place be blessed and may many more families have the opportunity to also experience this treasure!
— Fondly, The B. Family, June 2011
Most beautiful place ever! This place is so beautiful. Thank you so much for letting us stay here. I’ll never forget it!
— P., June 2011
Greetings from the P-L. family. We had a grand time here. Almay Ranch was wonderful. Our family had fun with the fire pit, the mini golf course and volleyball area. Thanks!
— The P-L. Family, May 2011
We had an incredible time/experience here and appreciate all the help and hospitality y ou provided us! The scenery was the most beautiful and exciting part of the experience. We also loved that we could wash our clothes in the washer and dryer. The atmosphere of the area was the perfect opportunity to bond with each other and we are very happy with our choice! Thank you very much!
— XTTE, Chi Pi Sigma, April 2011
The brothers of CHI PI SIGMA, coed professional police fraternity, SJSU, thank you for a terrific weekend! We had a blast!
— Krystal P., President, April 2011
An incredible experience with incredible hosts! We, the “Ski-Kats”, have b een getting away together for over 30 years and our trip here, to Almay Ranch, has been one of our most memorable!
The ambience and natural beauty of this “paradise” was absolutely enhanced by Marco and Lora. They were incredibly hospitable, organized and friendly. They made us feel like we are part of the “Almay Family.”
We loved the golf (manicured so we could enjoy the whole 9 holes), the wonderful beds, the gaming areas, the boats and the lake, and the bonfire our last night in which Marco facilitated and participated with us!
Thank you so much...we will be back!
— “The Ski-Kats” Redding, CA, September 2010
Our big boys thought they had found the Disneyland of boy toys – hard to get them to leave this dreamland! We had a wonderful retreat.
— Thank you so much, Laura & Bob M., August 2010
We had an adventure every day, always something new to see! Thank you!
— The M., F., B., and F. families, August 2010
A record of the events of our family reunion according to the honorable Katherine Elizabeth on the auspicious occasion in which the L-G. reunion became a decidedly upscale event:
Friday afternoon – Clan members begin to arrive and are thoroughly overcome by the splendor of the accommodations and the grandeur of nature’s delights, anticipation abounds!
Saturday – After a smorgasbord of breakfast delicacies, rousing ping-pong, volleyball, and canoe racing ensues. It should be noted that the youngsters thoroughly walloped the geezers (particularly in form and style) and that the questionable results of the canoe competition resulted in heated debate resulting in the disqualification of two particular members, whom, in preservation of their dignity, shall not be named. The evening concluded with a small band of intrepid revelers flouting the weariness brought about by the day’s activities and gathering under the shimmering stars around a glowing fire to contemplate the perils, pitfalls, and potential of the future of humanity.
Sunday – After a delightful repast, the group gathered within nature’s cathedral to meditate on the benevolence of our Creator, the sunbathing turtles provided mute testimony to the profound pastoral scene. Farewells were had amidst the bustling flurry of clean-up, each individual finding solace in the certainty that we would meet again in this hallowed location this time next year.
In conclusion, we would like to thank our most accommodating hosts who worked tirelessly to make this place a retreat to be remembered,
Our most exuberant gratitude is yours.
— The L-G. Family, August 2010
The A., D., and S. families had a wonderful time at Almay Ranch. There were 12 of us and everyone found something to do. There was the wickedly evil golf-ball-eating golf course to pit ones’ self against, the rooted mini golf, horseshoes, the fire pit for fun and s’mores, trails for walking, canoes for puttering about on the lake and the iceberg filled lake to swim in!
We enjoyed our time in nature – hearing the rushing creek, chirping birds and watching slithering snakes and catching turtles to look at and then release.
The beds were comfy and the white bath towels were like enveloping one in a fluffy cloud. Cooking was fun with lots of tools provided and plenty of fridge space.
— Fondly, Laura D. et al., Redding, Rocklin, & Sonora, CA, August 2010
Lovely! Thank you!
— The N. Family, August 2010
On our last night here we played a game, “The A, B, C’s of Almay Ranch.” Each person was given a letter from the alphabet and had to use that letter in the first letter of their words to describe their stay at the ranch.
A: Awesome
B: Barbeque, Barbara was here, Bishop finally got up on the wakeboard
C: Comer, Canoe, Campfire, Cousins, Caminitas, Cold Lake, Coors, Cocktails
D: Darrell had a really good time with every person and dog here
E: Excellent lake water, Everyone’s food-especially pulled pork
F: Family got together
G: Grandma & Grandpa’s 60th Wedding Anniversary
H: Hiking
I: Ice cream
J: Journey, Jabbering
K: Kayaking, Killer Vacation, Killer Mosquitos
L: Lovely home, Lakes, Lounging, Lori
M: Max, Miserable guest book game
N: Night with full moon, Noon heat, Never wanting to leave
O: Onery kids, On the lake, Oregonians arrived, U of O alumni crew
P: Pub? (Alex-age 8)
Q: Quirky, Quagmire plating this game, Queen Shirley and King Glenn
R: Roasting marshmallows by the fire and saving a toad from taking its last breath
S: Super, Sunny, Sweaty, Swimming, Snakes, Summer, Shasta-Trinity Forest
T: Trinity Lake, Tobalinas from Chile, Terrific, 10,000 degrees, Tanked (Darin)
U: Usual good time with family, Ultimate pulled pork
V: Variety of things to do, Visions of pleasure
W: Warm water, Wakeboard, Wasted
X: Xtra balls needed golfing, Xtra large meals
Y: “You sure you don’t want to play another round of golf?”
Z: Zany, Zillions of memories
We had people here from: Gualala, CA, Santa Rosa, CA, Albany, OR, Eugene, OR, San Luis Obispo, CA, and Santiago, Chile
— The M. Family, July 2010
Another great time at Almay! Once again, our office thoroughly relaxed in this amazing retreat, a very special place tucked away in the Trinity Alps. Another great time at Almay! Once again, our office thoroughly relaxed in this amazing retreat, a very special place tucked away in the Trinity Alps. It was especially good to see the abundance of water after years of drought. We hope the years to come will be as plentiful. Our third year in a row here was as good as the first. Thank you Marco & Lora (and the owners) for making this place so accommodating!
— Steve K. & Associates, Half Moon Bay and Los Gatos, CA, July 2010
Almay Ranch is now changed forever! After “The Gang” comes through with: “Sumo”, “Karate”, “Chinese Kitchen”, “Halloween in May”, “Minute to Win It”, “I Got The Campfire Blues”, “I Got The Lost Ball Blues”, Gang of 12 on 1st Tee”. The Ranch now holds all these special memories for “The Gang” and so much more! The spirit of Almay received a warm and wonderful kickoff for the 2010 Season. May Lora and Marco enjoy a season of bountiful success and be blessed with new memories created with new friends!
— Michael & Linda S., San Jose, CA, May 2010
Oh my Gosh, we really had no idea there was such a wonderful place as this! See, I’m so excited I can’t even write. The mountains, the house with all the ponds and water, the golf course and of course, the best friends ever. The 12 of us had one of the BEST laughter filled and fellowship weekends ever! And the hike up the mountain with Marco and Max was the best hike I’ve been on in a long time. I was amazed by the amount of water up there and the views were awesome!
We’ve got to come back!
— Mary & Jerry, Groveland, CA, May 2010
Laughing so hard and so much we almost lost our voices – sharing life, memories, all the years of our “Gang” – and this stay at Almay Ranch now goes into the archives along with five previous “Gang Trips”. What a wonderful retreat you have created here – hope to come again and search out more treasures.
We are so blessed to have our wonderful friends – our trips to share and laugh and enjoy – and this one has been extraordinary!
— Paula & Bill, Sonora, CA, May 2010
What can you say after 3 days with your best friends but…WOW! In 12 years of our “camping” trips this is the best place. We will forever remember our theme nights and the games. The nightly campfire was a great time and we never laughed so hard.
Thanks to Marco for taking us on a hike. Lora is the best game player ever and I bet she will practice for next time we come back!
— Dick & Thelma F., Groveland, CA, May 2010
We had a great family reunion. We came from 5 different states and this was a good “gathering place” for all 25 of us. From ages 18 months to 16 years old, there was always something for us to do. Marco and Lora and the girls were so accommodating. When we needed something—you were there. When we wanted privacy—you let us have it. Our week went by so quickly (thanks Lora for talking me into booking a full week).
Thanks for all you have done for us.
— Bob, Kim and Sarah T., Boulder City, NV, August 2009
We had a great family reunion! Lots of fun in the water, on the golf course, and at the playfield.
Marco and Lora, you were great! Thanks for all you did and being “everywhere” to help out. Hope to see you again!
— Jim & Carol B. and Family, Rocklin, CA, July 2009
The H. family found peace, quiet and hysterical laughter during our wonderful stay at Almay Ranch! The rushing water, the cool lake, the quiet trails and the evil golf course made for a perfect family getaway for all of us. We are looking forward to 2010!
— The H., D., D., C., T. and S. Families, Salinas, CA, July 2009
We had such a great time! There were 15 of us and the house accommodated us with no problem. The best parts were the water, fights in the canoes, the softball game and all cooking together at night, then sitting on the porch and eating as the sun went down. Really a fun time—thanks.
— Sarah and the rest of K. & Associates, Half Moon Bay, Los Gatos & San Francisco Bay Area, CA, June 2009
A great time was had by all! The scenery was/is incredible and the beds are so comfy! Thank you for everything and we hope we can come back someday.
— The M. Family, Murrieta, CA, June 2009
Marco & Lora,
I want to thank both of you for your kindness and consideration during our stay at Almay Ranch.
We thoroughly enjoyed our time together as a family and particularly appreciated the amenities and available activities.
I cannot think of a better location to get away from the hectic pace of S. California!
I have left a couple of t-shirts for your family—one of a business we owned years ago and the other from this week. If nothing else, they would be good sleep shirts for your girls.
Best wishes.
— Dennis M., Murrieta, CA, June 2009
Hi! This is the coolest place I’ve ever been! Thanks for a great time!
— Jamie F., Los Altos, CA, June 2009
Great vacation and a great place! We loved the golf, boating, hiking, biking and river swimming. Thanks Marco for showing us Little Boulder Lake and the view from the ridge and the swimming hole.
— Rob S., Los Altos, CA, June 2009
Hi, I’m Annie and I’ve had a lot of fun activities, but the coolest one was when I fell in the lake while getting a ping-pong ball! Well, at least it was worth it.
— Annie S., Los Altos, CA, June 2009
This is beautiful property and I had a great time here. I hope I can come back someday.
— Julia S., Los Altos, CA, June 2009
It was all we dreamed of and more.
— Rita S., Los Altos, CA, June 2009
We had a wonderful and relaxing time here at Almay.
We were happily surprised with the beautiful setting, the challenging golf course, and lovely home.
We plan to return sometime in the future.
Everything was first-class! We appreciated all the special touches!
— Larry & Gail S., Hollister, CA, October 2008
We had a wonderful time. We took full advantage of golf, and all the other games on the property. We will be back. Thank you.
— Jeff & Linda S., Aptos, CA, & Jan T., Scotts Valley, CA, October 2008
Fantastic place. We really enjoyed ourselves and would love to come another time.
Thank you.
— Vic P., Hollister, CA, October 2008
We had a wonderful time and enjoyed all the nice thoughtful touches—hope to be back when we can fly in!
— John & Martha Lou G., Brunedale, CA, October 2008
We had an unforgettable 4 days at a true paradise. Even though this was a “company” retreat, the environment, housing and things to do make it a “family” experience. All 11 of us (and 4 dogs) spent hours on the deck, pond and golf course. We have much more to explore.
Our thanks to Marco and Lora for their courtesy and being the best invisible hosts ever to be known.
We’ll be back!
— K. & Associates, Half Moon Bay, Los Gatos, & S.F. Bay Area, CA, August 2008
Lora and Marco,
Thank you so much for letting my friends and I escape the city. The amount of thought and care you both put into this property is very impressive. You have predicted every need and supplied even the smallest of comfort. I will be sending a more formal THANKS when I return home.
I hope we kept the house in order when we left.
— Justin T., San Francisco, CA, August 2008
Almay Ranch is almost like stepping into a dream. We have had the most wonderful family vacation here…maybe the BEST EVER! It was a wonderful combination of TOTAL relaxation and fun activities.
Marco, Lora and family were amazing hosts and we had so much fun spending our last night with them. We’ve truly made some fabulous new friends and look forward to the next time we can come back to share their little slice of heaven.
Thanks for a fabulous time!
— Rich, Connie, Lindsay and Steven W., Saratoga, CA, August 2008
Another great trip at Almay. Thank you so much for keeping this place so beautiful. We did a lot more things this time here - we swam (a lot), hiked, played a lot of golf, played volleyball, and badminton. This definitely will not be our last trip here.
Hope to see you soon!
— Curtis, Leslie, Justin and Emma K., San Carlos, CA, August 2008
Things are changing in over family constellation as the children (my children) are teens and the two oldest in their 20’s—one now a firefighter—the other entering the Navy to become a diver. This vacation may be the last with all of us—for years to come.
For me—the mother of it all—it has been wonderful to have everyone together (except for the eldest boy/man). I am very blessed to have had this time with them. A big hole is my husband—who would have loved quiet time on the lake in the canoe and fishing in the creek. He never had the opportunity to experience this amazing place.
Thank you Al & May (now Marco & Lora) for creating and taking care of Almay Ranch for our pleasure and enjoyment.
— Shirley W., Alameda, CA, August 2008
This week at Almay was great. We swam in all the lakes gathered golf balls and golfed for hours on the amazing course. Thank you.
— Lisa, Amy, Jim and Garret W., San Carlos, CA, August 2008
What a fabulous place! It is a place to come to and forget the world around you. The host was most pleasant. He took us on various journeys to visit places of great interest, which we would have never found by ourselves.
The dogs, kids and adults enjoyed the variety of activities available. We trust many more families will learn of this place and come to stay awhile.
— The S., C., B., & P. Families, Hayward, CA, August 2008
The W. family loves this place! Perfect for everyone.
— Mike W. & Family, Citrus Heights, CA, July 2008
Dear Marco and Lora,
Thanks for everything you do to make our stay so perfect. Everything is so clean and nice. It’s the best part of camping with all the comforts of home. You always make us feel so welcome! Our second year was just as great as the first.
— Jeri W., Citrus Heights, CA, July 2008
This is the first true family vacation we have had in about 15 years, and it was amazing! There were 34 of us who came and went throughout the week and we loved it. We swam at the Mann Hole; fished; rode horses, 4x4 mules and quads; golfed, read, boated and biked—the list goes on.
Marco, Lora and the girls were great and we’re sad to leave them. The 4th of July parade in Weaverville truly put us in the patriotic spirit, and we are all leaving refreshed and relaxed.
As the saying goes. “Life is an Adventure”. This week we have truly lived. Thank you Marco, Lora, the girls and the owners of Almay. God bless you all.
Warmest thoughts and wishes!
— The H., H., D. and L. families, Arbuckle, CA, & the W. family, Woodland, CA, & the R. family, Coeur d’Alene, ID, July 2008
We had such a wonderful time here! It is breathtaking, with such amazing views and picturesque spots. Even though the soccer game was almost a blowout, luckily the S. Family went easy on us 7-3. Thanks for everything!
— Chelsea & Eric B., North Carolina, June 2008
Almay Ranch is what the world is supposed to look like! In addition to all the natural beauty, there is so much to do—from absorbing all the grandeur to boating, games and any level of walking and hiking.
Our family of four generations loved every minute of our stay!!
— The L. Family, Sacraments, Napa, Willows, Orangevale and San Diego, CA, June 2008
Heaven on Earth!
— Susan B., Modesto, CA, June 2008
Wow!! What a fantastic week. We hate to see it end but are glad we are reserved for next year. We will be counting the weeks. Something for everyone. Loved the mini golf! Loved boating on the lovely lake and bonding with the bats. Loved foosball. Loved “vegging” on the deck reading, playing games with the family and just napping. Golf was fun and challenging - lots of water hazards. Thank you Lora and Marco for the special attention and for the great ‘last supper’.
— Muriel and John M., Lincoln, CA & Pat and Gina M., Redwood City, CA, June 2008
Amazing! One of the best vacations ever and one of the most beautiful places. I loved the canoe the most. At least 3 times a day I would be on the lake and feeling completely at peace. The best experience however was going out at dusk and canoeing among the bats. Thanks for a truly amazing trip.
— Nidal, Portland, OR, June 2008
Great spot! Great hosts! Great family! Looking forward to coming back!
— John, Karen and Ben, Portland, OR, June 2008
Never want to leave! Most relaxing vacation ever. Loved Marco, Lora, their kids and Max and Twister. Loved the bats, turtles and jumping fish. Loved the evening fires down by the river. Loved the hiking trails and all the nature/fresh air. Next year I’ll bring lots of golf balls! See you next June!
— Love, Beth, Ryan and Nidal, Portland, OR, June 2008
This special place is blessed with beauty and tranquility beyond compare. The peaceful ponds, the whispering pines, and of course the extraordinary falls and cascades all combine to remind us what is truly important in this life.
Yet all those wonders are just a part of the story here at Almay. The generosity of spirit and deep love of the land that emanates from our hosts is delightfully contagious. Marco and Lora and their beautiful daughters make you part of their family. That truly is the greatest gift one will take from their time at Almay Ranch.
— With Affection, Bob, Carolyn and Emily D., Santa Barbara, CA, May 2008